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Meet Christiana

Welcome! My name is Christiana, I'm a full spectrum doula, and the face of Sovereign Bodies Doula Services. I was trained by Doula Training International in January of 2019, and have since established Sovereign Bodies in Denver Colorado. I am committed to  providing evidence based full spectrum care informed by the latest research and the principles of birthing justice. My practice is rooted in a desire to provide equitable, anti-racist, gender affirming care for all birthing people. I aim to cultivate an environment in which every birthing person feels a sense of sovereignty over their reproductive experience. 





"When I was feeling 'not enough' Christiana encouraged me, supported me, and reminded me of everything I was learning. Our house and our babies were calmer and happier because of her presence. I was a healthier and more present as a mother."

— Audrey

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